For an essay that is to be handed in in 2 days time, i need a web-designer / developer who is in the industry to answer a few questions for me. A small interview. Could anyone please answer these questions for me.. thank you so much!.

1) Tell me about yourself in a few sentences. (your name / age/ jobs eg. lecturer?, web designer, free lancer?, designer for a company?) What interested you in web designing and how long have you been in this industry?

2) Tell me about your experience in the digital media industry. Your approached job roles and your journey through your career ladder to where you are now. Talk about your various employments (if you have had more than one career direction in the past - tasks involved).

3) What ethical and moral (or legal) dilemmas have you faced as a web-designer / editor?

4) In your opinion what are the current market trends and the financial setbacks of being a web-developer? Any other comments or concerns from your point of view regarding the financial issues?

5) Your opinions on future trends of the digital media and or the web-designing industry?

if you are confident in answering please answer these questions.. thank youu sooo much in advance.

thank you