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Thread: How to make four div tags link with each other?

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    Question How to make four div tags link with each other?

    I have four different HTML pages in Dreamweaver, and they all have been made from one file. I have a sidebar in each page, and I need to keep it updated over all of the pages.

    What I mean is, on my home page, about page, contact page, and downloads page, I have a sidebar, and the information must be the same across each one of them. But, I don't want to have to edit the same thing four times, so.... How can I link all of the sidebars, so that when I edit one on one page, all four of them change?

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    Hi there,

    HTML alnoe doesn't have the ability to load 1 HTML page within another HTML without utilising another technology. You can use Javascript to create an include file and load to an iframe or you can use php, asp, .net, silverlight etc.

    here is an artical that will give you the different methods:




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    Why don't you used Dreamweaver Templates?

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