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Thread: How to design a promotional email ?

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    How to design a promotional email ?

    I have a small business, and would like to send a promotional email to some of my customers (with colour and images etc). What's the best way to design it specifically for email?
    I was going to attach a screenshot of an example .... but I can't see how to attach on this site.

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    HTML emails must be coded like it's 1995!
    Tables and really dumb HTML, no stylesheet...

    For a good primer on this, browse the mailchimp website, they have a document there that is all you need... can't remember the URL but you will find it on the mailchimp website for sure... it even includes a boatload of templates that you can use...

    In fact, you might want to even use Mailchimp as it will prevent you from getting on a spammer's list...


    (Too bad I don't have an affiliate account there.... DANG!!! )

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    A couple of tips:
    1.) As said, stick with some basic html (tables and such). You can use css but it usually has to be inline and may still get ignored, so its always a good idea to back up the css with an old style html tag (like <font>).
    2.) If you know the minimum resolution that your customers use (at least 1024x768 i hope), then make sure to test your email in various online and offline email clients with that resolution. Some email clients (like hotmail) will just cutoff an email if it doesn't resize to the resolution it has to display in.
    3.) Also test the email in various clients to make sure its look is relatively consistent (even when using a template).
    4.) If your mail app supports it, send the email as a multipart email. This is an email that has two halves, one is html and the other is a plain text version of the same email. This not only makes the email look less like spam to the filters, it also can increase open rates as not everyone and their client supports html emails.

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    A good idea is to include a link to a web version of your email's content. Imo all html emails should include a plain text version because even users with html support in their email clients might choose to view emails in plain text only.

    This tute shows how to send plain text amd html emails in one go.

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