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Thread: What web design language should i pick?

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    Question What web design language should i pick?

    Hey there,

    I am good at java programming language. I am familiar with html. I want to learn a web design language but i really don't know which way to go. I have a mac and i guess it is not an option to go with asp.net. It has a nice visual studio though. I didn't do anything before about web design. I can't decide which one should i choose. Php, asp.net, jsp etc.. For a mac user, any recommendations?

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    The most common server side language in use is php which is most commonly used with mysql databases.
    So for someone who wants to start in web development, I would recommend as a start to become versed in the following:

    Each of these has it's own function. HTML creates the structure of the web page. CSS provides the styling of the web page. PHP and MySQL are used in conjunction to create dynamic database driven web pages and web applications. Javascript provides a layer of interactive usability and functionality.
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