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Thread: innerhtml issue phone number app

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    Exclamation innerhtml issue phone number app

    hi i have an app javascript+html than have a keypad like a phone so when people pu right number

    example 3125421234 it load an swf with a pinguin animated saying with is move like ok the number

    its correct its works perfect the only think i just saw today when i finish writing the number a

    windows in blank justs appears very fast then swf shows off i takes miliseconds buts its ugly

    that windows im thinkins its the innerhtml but i dont know another way to load the swf

    correctly. I attach a picture with first the ugly windows that shows then the swf loaded its so

    fast that i hardly can take print screen of that.

    here is part of my code of pinguin.swf:

    function getBird(ok)
    var ok_swf = "ok.swf";
    var wrong_swf = "no.swf";

    var pinguin = document.getElementById("pinguin");

    if (ok == true) //if number is correct shows ok animation
    pinguin.innerHTML = '<embed width="100%" height="100%" wmode="transparent" src="' +

    ok_swf + '"></embed>';
    else //if not shows another swf for not correct number
    pinguin.innerHTML = '<embed width="100%" height="100%" wmode="transparent" src="' +

    wrong_swf + '"></embed>';

    pinguin.style.display = "block";

    here is the function to call swf and then on body i put this code
    <div id="pinguin", style="position:absolute; width:400; height:318; display:none; top:310;


    so it load the div named pinguin with swf inside.

    I need some recommendations to fix this please ill appreciate the help.

    thanks in advance.

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    i forgot to attach image:

    here is: http://i51.tinypic.com/2uqmxed.png

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