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Thread: XSD: interdependent tag attribute lists

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    Question XSD: interdependent tag attribute lists

    Say, I have an XML document of the following structure:
    HTML Code:
        <person gender="male" interests="cars"/>
        <person gender="female" interests="shoe-shopping"/>
    Say, available options list is as follows:
    gender="male|female", interests="cars|women|shoe-shopping|men"

    With the following correspondence between attribute values:
    male -> cars, women
    female -> shoe-shopping, men

    Is there any way to set the aforementioned attribute option's interdependence in the context of XSD schema? Which means, if composing an XML document I have selected a 'male' value for the 'gender' attribute - the 'interests' attribute available values are reduced to the ones, corresponding to the 'male' value according to the initial idea...
    Thanks in advance!

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    No one able to help?

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