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Thread: Problem with WP theme's footer

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    Problem with WP theme's footer

    Guys, I am trying some new WP themes for new client's web site, and it doesn't have a way to change a footer.php to add copyright info for the site.

    Footer code looks like this:

    <?php eval(base64_decode('Pz4gPCEtLSBiZWdpbiBmb290ZXIgLS0+DQoNCjxkaXYgaWQ9ImZvb3RlciI+ICAyMDA4IDxhIGhyZWY9 Ijw/cGhwIGVjaG8gZ2V0X3NldHRpbmdzKCdob21lJyk7ID8+LyI+DQogIDw/cGhwIGJsb2dpbmZvKCduYW1lJyk7ID8+LiA8P3BocCBpZihpc19ob21lKCkpIDogPz48YSBocmVmPSJodHRwOi8vYmVzdGxhcHRv cHM0dS5jb20vIiB0aXRsZT0iQmVzdCBsYXB0b3AiPkJlc3QgbGFwdG9wPC9hPjw/cGhwIGVuZGlmOyA/PjwvYT4uIA0KICA8IS0tUGxlYXNlIGxlYXZlIHRoZSBmb2xsb3dpbmcgbGluayBpbiBwbGFjZSB0byBlbmNvdXJhZ2UgZnV0dXJl IGZyZWUgdGhlbWUgZGV2ZWxvcG1lbnQgLS0+DQogIDxkaXYgaWQ9ImNyZWRpdCI+PC9kaXY+DQo8L2Rpdj4NCjwvZGl2Pg0KPC9i b2R5PjwvaHRtbD4gPD8='));?>
    Where on the earth do I add a site specific info?

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    Anybody can help?

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    What in the world? I've been working on a wordpress theme
    and I've never seen anything like that before...

    Don't know if this is going to work.. But mine looks like this.

    &copy;<?php echo date("Y"); echo " "; bloginfo('name'); ?>

    It puts in the date/year and the specified name that you input
    in your settings automatically.

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    It's just your fotter has been base64 encoded. Just run the code through an online base64 decoder, make your changes, reencode and paste over what you have.

    I quickly copied the code and pasted here:


    ?> <!-- begin footer -->
    <div id="footer">  2008 <a href="<?php echo get_settings('home'); ?>/">
      <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>. <?php if(is_home()) : ?><a href="http://bestlaptops4u.com/" title="Best laptop">Best laptop</a><?php endif; ?></a>. 
      <!--Please leave the following link in place to encourage future free theme development -->
      <div id="credit"></div>
    </body></html> <?



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    Hello. I have also hit a major road block. I was changing things around with a newwptheme i got and I saw there were footer links. I tried to change them but as soon as i do my site goes down. I looked around the web and everyone says i have to decode. However there is no encoded script in my function file or footer. I'm at a loss here.

    here is my footer code. you can see the links but if i change one letter its goes nuts.

    <div class="span-24">
    <div id="footer">Copyright &copy; <a href="<?php bloginfo('home'); ?>"><strong><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></strong></a> - <?php bloginfo('description'); ?></div>
    <?php // This theme is released free for use under creative commons licence. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
    // All links in the footer should remain intact.
    // These links are all family friendly and will not hurt your site in any way.
    // Warning! Your site may stop working if these links are edited or deleted ?>
    <div id="credits">Powered by <a href="http://wordpress.org/"><strong>WordPress</strong></a> | Designed by: <a href="http://www.apps4rent.com/virtual-dedicated-private-server-windows-hyper-v-vds-vs-vps-hosting/virtual-dedicated-server.html">Virtual Dedicated Servers</a> | Compare Top <a href="http://www.bankingzen.com/">CD Rates</a>, <a href="http://onlinebrokershub.com/">Online Brokers</a> and <a href="http://www.iconfish.com">Buy Icons</a></div>

    echo get_theme_option("footer") . "\n";

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