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Thread: using gridview & coding with code behind as

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    using gridview & coding with code behind as

    i am using gridview i want the below gridview layout which whill be populated with data from database
    the select will have a unique id of the records

    the code needs to be written in the codebehind page
    when the particular record is selected using select a window will popup.
    how do i get this way of codeing with gridview??

    the way i need is

    Names Pers. Prof Tax Leaves View

    Mr.smith select select select select select or

    Mr. james image mage image image image




    al l the names will come from database. & i need to write all the binding , selecting codes in .aspx.cs page

    when i click select or the image a modal popup shld open with the controls

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    can you provide some more information becuase your question is rather ambiguous.

    Is it c# or VB?

    do you have code for your retrieving your data and populating a dataset?

    Which .NET framwork are you using?

    I'm not sure what your example is meant to be showing, "Mr.smith select select select..." I don't understand what that is meant to represent.

    Are you trying to open up a new window (window form or aspx page?) when a user selects a row in your gridview. You want to dynamically populate the gridview with a subset of data returned from a query? If so what code do you have so far and on what part are you stuck?



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