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Thread: OnClick selection issue

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    OnClick selection issue

    Hi there all I am having an issue with using an onclick menu it works fine in some ie browsers not all? and firefox but does not work at all in Safari.
    could someone please point me into the right direction as this is now driving me crazy as to get it working.

    Please HELP!!

    <select name="select">
    <option onclick="location.href='contact.html'">English</option>
    <option onclick="location.href='/main/language/francais/contact.html'">Français</option>
    <option onclick="location.href='/main/language/deutch/contact.html'">Deutch</option>
    <option onclick="location.href='/main/language/italiano/contact.html'">Italiano</option>
    <option onclick="location.href='/main/language/espanyol/contact.html'">Españyol</option>

    help me please

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    1) Do not rely on JavaScript for navigation! It will fail for so many users that in some cases it's actually against the law.

    2) Options don't have, or aren't supposed to have, onclick handlers.

    So put that in a proper form, with a submit button, and use something like:
    <form action="JavaScript_free_default_action.php" onsubmit=return this_part_gets_more_complicated_but_you_will_figure_it_out()">
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    onClick is going to be unreliable for <option> tags. It would be best to add an onChange() function to the <select> tag that fetches the current selection value for your call to location.href.

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