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Thread: So, what is the next step?

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    So, what is the next step?

    Hi, sometimes I think I already learned the PHP programming fundamentals, but I am not sure!! How to become sure about this, and if it is what I think, what is the next step to go further (advanced PHP programming)?
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    Pretty broad question, so I'll just throw some things out there:

    MySQL, PHP-OOP, Wordpress, Drupal, PEAR.


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    clean efficient Object Oriented Programming would be next. Check out Drupal.

    Try learning about javascript or flash now.

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    I second Drupal!

    I would also suggest learning a PHP framework like CakePHP or CodeIgniter.
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    PHP 5 Objects, Patterns, and Practice by Matt Zandstra. Or, if you're brand new to OOP, you might want to read some of the tutorials mentioned here before diving into that book.
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    Thank you very much, I really appreciate the responses.

    I am going to do start with OOP, the coming monday I will look for a good book to buy, any suggestions because I do not like (and I can't) read for long time on the computer's screen?

    Now, the fact is that I stay whith hisitations and doubt. I just think and assume that I already know the fundamentals but I'm not sure. Do you know any good site to test my PHP knowledge, or would you like to make some tests for me?

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    I made a game using PHP OOP and javascript .

    Just find a project that interests you and complete it!

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    I disagree with most of the suggestions. The TS wants to take his PHP skills to the next level and pretty much all of the suggestions are still compatible with PHP4.
    For example, wordpress and drupal are still PHP4 compatible, which means they don't take advantage of the new Object Model, etc. Familiarizing yourself will only lead to knowledge about those specific programs...it won't really enhance your programming that much.
    PEAR suffers a bit from the same disadvantage. With PEAR at least you learn something you can apply to other situations but it still contains a lot of old code ... you will realize once you set the error-level to STRICT.

    As for frameworks: cake and codeigniter are also written in PHP4 and therefor not a good choice. Mind you: I'm not saying they are not good frameworks - they are both usefull frameworks.
    My advice would be to familiarize yourself with Zend Framework, simply because it is written in PHP5. Also, hang out a bit on the forums which discuss this framework: you will find a lot of interesting topics that discuss design patterns, etc.

    About tests: zend offers a certification program as well:


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    Thank you.

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