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Thread: Page not showing up in IE... Why?

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    Page not showing up in IE... Why?

    Ok for some reason I have a new problem with IE 8. On my website www.hidcountry.com when a customer clicks a product button on the left side navbar it triggers JQuery code that makes it dropdown with other products and at the same time it loads page content into a mainContent div on the right. Everything works just fine in Firefox but in IE, it comes up as a blank page... No content. Why is this?

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    Apologies for being blunt, but that page is a mish-mash of html, xhtml, deprecated and illegal code. IE's nature is to be picky and require code to be standard, so it's no surprise that you're having trouble. I wouldn't even know where to start regarding that particular bug, but perhaps the Validator results might give you some pointers.

    Start with picking a language (html or xhtml) and stating it in a DOCTYPE at the top of the file.


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    The thing is that these "content" pages that display in Firefox are just the mainContent div from pages like HID Kits (top nav). I just took the inside code and using JQuery with the links on the sidebar nav, it points to a page in a content folder that has the div info... It's hard to explain but the other pages work and these pages don't and the code is only slightly different... Do you think it might be the JQuery affecting the info?

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