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Thread: Google indexing problem??

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    Google indexing problem??

    I've tried searching about this I understand I'm obviously not the first person to deal with this type of error however I couldnt seem to find a straight forward answer anywhere..

    My problem is that my website's index.html is now not comming up in any search results.. My other pages seem to be still there and working fine so I understand that my page has not been banned or anything..

    About a week ago now we had an internal server error which only seemed to effect the address http://www.mysite.ca/index.html so i quickly got into the server and deleted the index and renamed it to default.html and changed the links throughout the site to reflect that then by the next day we had fixed the problem and i renamed everything back to how it was and that seems to be the start point for this particular problem.

    Because shortly after our search results began returning the default.html instead of index which i figured would fix itself soon as the google bot returns and finds it to be back to normal however it didnt and infact what happened was now the default.html search result is gone but it appears that the index.html result also is still missing..

    This is a major issue as a lot of our business comes from google and since our site is fairly new we are relying now only on pay per click google results..

    Whats the best course of action? Do I just wait and hope the issue resolves itself or is there something I can do about this?
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    So now the problem seems to be fixed partially but im still having issues..

    In my google webmaster settings i expressly set my preferred domain to the www. version however its now showing up only the version without... also several pages are linked by google as https which at one stage long ago I did have the links set like that however for a while now its just been regular old http ..

    Not sure if this is something I just have to wait untill it fixes itself or if theres things I should be doing to recify it...

    Any help would be greatly apreciated.

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