Fellow PHP developers, my name is Luke Keith. Two years ago Samuel Dillow and I started developing Jackal, an open source PHP framework that we believe will change the way people think about PHP frameworks.

Jackal Website

We are still very much in our infancy, but we have released v1.1.3 online for download with an interactive demo. We would love to get some honest feedback on our framework. We are also looking for a few developers to help build our community.

Here are a few brief pieces of info about Jackal.

* Incredibly light weight
* Only loads what it needs when it needs it
* An incredibly sexy model
* Triggers are freaking easy
* 100% resource protection
* URL flags

... and much much more.

I have put together two tutorials to help you get started and you can also read our online documentation. We have also published a few of our home-grown modules and libraries for download.

Looking forward to some feedback!

Luke Keith