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Thread: onmouseover images - need some help PLEASE

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    Question onmouseover images - need some help PLEASE

    I have created a map on an image and would like a popup image to appear when the mouse is over different parts of the image.
    I found a good example of this here:
    and here:

    This is the code I have so far:
    <img src="grid.gif" usemap="#qr" width="1000" height="1000" alt="click map" border="0" />
    <map id="qr" name="qr">
    <area shape="rect" alt="alt text" title="title" coords="44,35,72,62" href="http://www.google.com" target="_blank" />
    <area shape="default" nohref alt="" />

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    The dynaimcdrive page gives a good example of the type of css code you will need.

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    OK maybe I should clarify a bit more...I've been successfull in implimenting the one found here:

    BUT...my problem is I can't get it to work within my map area. I image I need to use the "onmouseover" but can't get it?

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