I am looking for a web developer who will be able to work along side with me creating a social network from scratch. I am a front end web developer and I need someone to work on the back end. We've all seen the movie Social Network so I will not be able to tell you the great idea backing this Social Network but it is 100% one that will be one of the next best. (Seriously) However, don't be alarmed by the term "Social Network" I understand it is becoming cliche but this is the best way for me to describe the type of functions that will be needed.

Who I'm Looking For:

Someone who will be able to dedicate 35 Hours per week and is efficient in all languages necessary to build a social network from scratch. Languages will include: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL, etc.


Fortunately I will be leaving this up to you, and it will also be contingent on your expertise. Here are your options...

1.) Paid up front up to $20/hr
2.) Paid up front for a smaller amount per hour + partial ownership
3.) Intern + partial ownership (% will be higher than option 2).

Contact Information:

Name: Branden Brown
Phone: 909.636.3397 (Call or Text)
E-Mail: bbrown3100@gmail.com