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Thread: Entering data in html table

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    Entering data in html table

    Hi all. I'm trying to write an online application which will take user data and plot a simple histogram. I've decided that the best way to do this is via html5's canvas element (for the histogram drawing), but I'm not sure how best to accept the user's data. Ideally, an excel-like table would be good. It'd be awesome if the user could copy data from an excel file (or .ods spreadsheet) into the webpage, then using javascript, I could update the histogram based on that data. I think this would be the best user interface for the project. I know I could set up a table with <input> fields in each cell, but I don't think that would accept copying from excel.

    I know it's possible, cause google docs' spreadsheet app does it. I just don't know how difficult it will be. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    If you really want to read from Excel then there are two not so bad ways to go. If you really want to do this client side then use an HTA (HTML Application). That will only run in MSIE but with all the security down so it can read files. Better would be to have them upload the Excel to a server side script. As long as your server is running Windows and has the Jet and Excel installed then reading the files would be a snap.
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    Hi Charles, thanks for the reply! I'm trying to keep this as platform independent as possible, so I don't really like any of your suggestions (sorry). I also want it to be as drag 'n' drop friendly and copy/paste friendly as possible.

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