Hello, everyone.

I'm having a bit of an issue with the fckEditor that is included with CFTEXTAREA in CF Server 9.

Everything works fine in FF and Chrome, but IE7 is throwing a conniption fit over... line breaks that appear in the content which are created by...

.. unordered lists and line items.

This is using CFWINDOW to "open" a "popup" that contains the form and CFTEXTAREA. Currently, the content is not being loaded into the CFTEXTAREA as the page is loading. It is waiting until the CFTEXTAREA is defined, then it uses
<cfset AjaxOnLoad("function(){load_content('#ID#');}")>
to load the content by retrieving it from the main page innerHTML of the ID that is passed. The function is below:
function load_content(obj_id){
     var edit_box = document.forms['edit'].edit_box.id;
     ColdFusion.RichText.setValue(edit_box, $("#"+obj_id).html());
Where do I use the RegEx to replace the line breaks, and what should I be looking for to replace with "<br />" (or should I use something else??)