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Thread: Speed problem about my website

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    Speed problem about my website

    I'm having serious speed problems about my website. I use wordpress and it's pretty slow.


    and the blog page is


    I test the speed via one of the website and it says that it takes 11 seconds to download the website

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    First, you have a 404 error for an image, i'd fix that as its just adding delay for no reason. One major thing i see is that your download parallelization is hindered by .js files being loaded too soon (that blocks parallel downloads). If you can, move all .js request to the bottom of the site and it will probably load faster. You can also try and increase download parallelization by spreading the resources across multiple sub domains, which should be particularly effective for you as your site isn't maxing out the available bandwidth, thus more headroom for more parallel downloading.


    As you can see there, you need to add the appropriate expiration headers, that alone will dramatically speed up the site for repeat visitors and visitors surfing multiple pages.

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    Thanks for the reply that is very helpful for me

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