I've been tasked with making a twitter public timeline feed and I've been having some issues with the scripts I've been using. For a moment, I thought maybe my jquery was not invoking from within my wamp setup but I added a js "Hello World" statement in my jquery- and sure enough it rendered to the page.

So then with the following inline script:

PHP Code:
<script type='text/javascript'>
document.write('<b>Hello World</b>');
                $(function() {  
html "<ul>";  
tweeturl "http://api.twitter.com/version/statuses/public_timeline.json?count=10&amp;callback=?";  
getJSON(tweeturl, function(d) {  
each(d, function(iitem) {  
html += "<li>" item.text "</li>";  


html += "</ul>";  
I don't understand why I am not passing the json array and being able to put it in a series of list items.

Can anybody help me with this?