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Thread: Information about adding Shopping Carts

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    Question Information about adding Shopping Carts

    Alright, I am developing a website and the company wants to add a shopping cart to the website. As I have been searching for all the info that I can find I was hoping that everyone in the forum might help me. Is there any info or ideas on where, what, and such to help add this thing on the site. Right now the site has not been developed and I wanted to get all my ducks in a row so that I can get everything set.

    I have noticed that it is better to use software to have the shopping cart built and have a secure area to upload the information. If there is any software recondmendations or any input I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all for your time.

    You can also email me at:BTNissanAuto@yahoo.com

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    I don't know of specific e-commerce package off hand but you'll need a Secure Sockets Layer enabled Server package.

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    there is quit a lot of e-commece shops around you can purchase of the net. If you live in scotland,UK (not sure about in England). The Small business gateway offer free courses in e-commerce shop building.
    The thing with all this is you end up with a fairly simplistic shop that in my opinion looks cheap and nasty.
    E-commerce has to be treated like a sepearate business and not part of or an exstention of an exsisting business.
    If you are to make your e-commerce work for you having a specialised e-commerce developer develop the shop for you would be the better option.
    A secure socket layer is require but normally provided by the company that is processing your credit card transactions. Look into WorldPay for details.
    Some things to remeber, if your company is relatively new there maybe a holding time on the money from the transactions. You also need to look at the new EC directives that cover e-commerce. Certain rules and regulations need to be followed. Customers have as much right on the web as they would do in the high street, to good trading standards.
    Your e-commerce developer should be able to a build content management system pages using some web technology either ASP, Php or even perl. This can be secured using database and ASP.
    Due to the Data Protection Act you will not ba able to store and credit card numbers, and the company you use for taking your credit card payments will not send the credit card number to your page or database anyway.
    hope this helps

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