Hello world. I am new here and I have just basic expririence of html from Uni but I was wondering if anyone can help me with small problem which I am facing. I have an blog and there is a video in a web site where it gives you the option to ambed it by coping its code and the video works just fine but the problem is that there is an annoying commercial for 15 secs at the begging which you can not stop and also the video play once you have open the page.

First and for most, I would to find some way to kill the autoplay, I found 3 times the word autoplay with some code but I cant delete it because then the video does not play, I cant also translate this weird code.

As a second but least important problem, I would like to to kill the commercial at the before the main video.

Is there anyone you can help me to crack this code?
Thanks anyway guys.