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Thread: current crude oil price?

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    current crude oil price?

    I have a website that the client want's the TSX's current crude oil price displayed on. I was able to get their stock info to show (see example below), but the commodities seem to have a different format etc. on the site.

    To show the Talisman info (for example) you would use code like this (works great):

    PHP Code:
    Class yahoo 

    $url sprintf("http://finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=%s&f=sl1d1t1c1ohgv" ,$symbol); 
    $fp fopen($url"r"); 
    "error : cannot recieve stock quote information"
    $array fgetcsv($fp 4096 ', '); 
    $this->symbol $array[0]; 
    $this->last $array[1]; 
    $this->date $array[2]; 
    $this->time $array[3]; 
    $this->change $array[4]; 
    $this->open $array[5]; 
    $this->high $array[6]; 
    $this->low $array[7]; 
    $this->volume $array[8]; 
    $quote = new yahoo

    '<a href="http://tmx.quotemedia.com/quote.php?qm_symbol=TLM" target="_stock" title="Click for more information">');
    "<span class='stockTitle'>TLM</span>&nbsp;");
    "<span class='blk'>TSX</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong class='red'>$$quote->last</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;");
        if (
    $quote->change ) {
    "<span class='red'>$quote->change</span>");
        } else {
    "<span class='stockgreen'>$quote->change</span>");
    Which then links and shows this data:

    random other stock: http://tmx.quotemedia.com/quote.php?qm_symbol=TLM

    I can't seem to get that same code to show the crude oil price (which I would think would be something very similar). I assume I am missing something simple.

    crude oil info: http://tmx.quotemedia.com/futures-quote.php?qm_page=97237&qm_symbol=/CL:NMX

    If you have any ideas, or other code used to show the TSX crude oil price, I would greatly appreciate the help. Surely someone must have done this before. Thanks!
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    The code doesn't have to be in php if any of you have another way of displaying the crude oil price.
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