Hi there. A project of mine is to build a jQuery quiz. Trouble is im new to jQuery and only have 1 week to build it in! I've been reading up on show/hide data etc and can get basic functions to work but not a fully working quiz. Therefore was wondering if anyone has a quiz previously built or would be able to help me build one?

Im trying to get my quiz to look like the following......


The functionality of the quiz needs to be as follows. There are questions listed with a checkbox of "Y" and "N" representing Yes and No. A user clicks in either box and once all questions have been complete they click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. Once the submit button is click, the quiz will find which of the questions the user selected "N" to in the checkbox and then below the submit button will show the question and the answer to it. The "Y" button doesnt need to do anything.

Thanks in advance,