I have jquery and a couple of plugins called 'tablersorter' and 'tablesorter pager' that handle display of member lists on my site. This stuff was added by another programmer (now absent) and I don't claim to understand more than the basics of it

Here are two of the problems I am trying to resolve:

1. When tablesorter and pager are called like this

	$("#jsort").tablesorter({widthFixed: true, sortList: [[3,1],[2,1]], widgets: ['zebra']});
	$("#jsort").tablesorterPager({container: $("#pager"),size: 20});
I get a sorted list with 20 results on the first page and the correct number of subsequent pages. However the fist page does not have the 'zebra' striped colours, all rows are on a white background

As soon as I go to the next page I get the stripes. If I go back to page one i now have stripes.

If I am on page one (no stripes) ad I change the # per page box to anything other than 20, I then see stripes one page one - even if I set it back to 20.

What could be causing this?

2. If I call tablesorter and pager like this

	$("#jsort").tablesorter({widthFixed: true, sortList: [[3,1],[2,1]], widgets: ['zebra']});
	$("#jsort").tablesorterPager({container: $("#pager")});
I get 20 results per page, but the total number of pages is wrong (twice as many as there should be) The last half are all blank

I don't understand this as in the pager plugin I have set default size to 20 as shown below

			this.defaults = {
				size: 20,
				offset: 0,
				page: 0,
				totalRows: 0,
				totalPages: 0,
				container: null,
				cssNext: '.next',
				cssPrev: '.prev',
				cssFirst: '.first',
				cssLast: '.last',
				cssPageDisplay: '.pagedisplay',
				cssPageSize: '.pagesize',
				seperator: "/",
				positionFixed: true,
				appender: this.appender
This is not so much as problem as I can get around it with the size: 20 - but I don't see anywhere in the tablesorter/pager documentation I should need to do this.


Cheers for all and any help