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Thread: Help, customizable bookmarks? idk...

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    Question Help, customizable bookmarks? idk...

    I'm new, self taught, and exploring the possibilities...

    Ive been busting my head trying to figure out how I can do this and I cannot figure it out.

    Can I make a list of hyperlinks that users can customize and save as a cookie by clicking a button and automatically retrieve the cookie so it remembers their list next time?

    This is kind of what I want to do:


    Name Hyperlink: ______ <-- Fill in textbox
    URL: _____
    Image: _____

    Save <-- Button (Add to List of Hyperlinks)

    List of Hyperlinks:


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    I'm new as well, but this doesn't seem too difficult. Save your user inputs into some type of array, and set the cookie value to the array list. I'm not sure what type of customization you are planning to do so it would probably be a good idea to create some type of indexable array for referencing specific items in your array later.

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