I've taught myself some web dev and thought of a question re buttons.
When I'm doing my buttons, i'm linking to another html page. So this means for every page I have a separate html page (Which I'd expect) but it means on every page I have to write all the html for things that are identical on every page, such as background, buttons, layout formatting etc etc.

Is this the norm or is there a better way, like is it possible to make templates where you only have to replace the things you actually want to change but don't have to rewrite (well ok, copy and paste) all the html code every time i want a new page.

It would seem to me and my limited knowledge that I will have to keep all the code in every page (unless I use JS or frames but i dont really want to) but I was thinking, if a company has a massive website surely they dont have loads of html files that all contain code for the borders/buttons etc etc or do they?