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Thread: How to Interpret sIEve / IEsieve results?

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    How to Interpret sIEve / IEsieve results?

    I've downloaded sIEve (IEsieve) to see if my javascript/ajax leaks in my most recent project. However, the results are a bit confusing. Here are the steps i go through:
    1.) Open sIEve.
    2.) Type in site url.
    3.) Do some stuff, activate script functions...etc. This is where it gets a bit odd, i have an script that loads a page through an iframe, as soon as i click on this it says i have leaks...
    4.) However, despite #3, if i click "about:blank" to navigate to another page, the memory leak count goes down to 0.

    So i am a bit confused. If the gc routines freed all memory when i loaded a new page, then do i have a leak? If i don't, why does it say i do until i navigate away?

    p.s. I know its a free tool, but it'd be nice if sIEve had better documentation (currently its almost non-existent).

    p.s.2. I used google as a test and AFTER i navigate to about:blank it says they have memory leaks, so is it only the leaks that occur after the page is navigated away from that count?

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    this is javascript silly, you don't have to worry about memory management!
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    Ah, if only that were true ;-)
    Sadly, particular programming patterns can cause issues with the garbage collection routines with even managed languages. So it never hurts to be cautious and make sure your apps aren't leaking memory. IE tends to be a little worse at this than other browsers (no surprise there...).
    Anyways, any help with using sIEve would be appreciated.

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