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Thread: Please Review: Facebook App Promotion Network

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    Please Review: Facebook App Promotion Network

    I just launched a Facebook App promotion network for small developers:


    Please come and take a look, and let me know your comments. I know there is lots of things I can improve the make the site more easy to understand.

    I started this facebook app promotion network because I found the biggest problem for individual developers on Facebook is promotion (well, same problem for web developers on any platform too).

    Base on the first few weeks on running, the click-thru ratio on banners across the Facebook network is actually very good -- usually 5%+, which is 10 times better than those traditional website exchange program (now only around 0.5% CTR)

    Your comments / suggestions would be very appreciated.

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    Looks good... nice in fact, but I wonder at the bottom left if Yeah… that should to it… right? should be Yeah… that should do it… right?

    Best of luck,

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