Hello. My site is a platform for creating tourism guides for any town in the United States (and a few other countries). I used it myself to create a guide for my own town (Litchfield, CT) and a neighboring town. I would appreciate comments on the site's overall design and my business model.

The site: www.zoomvillage.com

Highlights of the business model: the first user to register in a town becomes the administrator of the town's guide/site. Any registered user can add places (e.g. restaurants, hotels, parks, museums) or local events to the site, but only in the town in which they are registered. Certain editing features are limited to the administrator, e.g. deleting a place or event. The incentive for users to create a town's guide is that I give them 35% of ad revenues from local businesses that use the self-service ad-posting process. Advertising rates are dynamically calculated and are a function of the number of active registered users in each town.

Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks.