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Thread: importance of multimedia

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    importance of multimedia

    how multimedia is important in web site?

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    Can you explain your question a little better? Multimedia is a mechanism to communicate content. How important you think it is is a matter of opinion. I find it largely irrelevant, but then I'm one of those people who prefer to read a manual to watching a YouTube video.

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    Hi guysIt takes a lot of work to make a website a success. That’s why website development is considered the most intricate part of creating a website. There are all kinds of different considerations that need to be made. In most cases where developing a website is the collaborative effort of a team, the tasks are usually broken down, with each department being given its own task, and a timeframe when the task should be completed. The web design department is tasked with the very important task of creating the visual elements of the website which is what the user will see what the user will see when they visit the site. They also do some back-end programming which is rather technical, but of importance to this context is the visual working of the design team.

    Creating something that is unique and rich in graphic details is importance, especially for a website that hopes to compete in a niche that already has established successful websites. It needs to bring something new to the table, and that is dependent on the level of creativity that the designers have. The layout of the website has to be intuitive, appealing, inspiring, but without too much complexity such that the site takes too long to load. This combination is hard to pull off, but not impossible. One thing that makes a website more appealing, besides a colorful layout that has a perfect color combination which is consistent with the logo designed for the website, is the multimedia detail it has.

    It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the context of a website, it is worth a thousand more. A website hoping to make its mark in the internet and that is targeting a niche that is informal, the use of images, videos, 3D models, animations, is mandatory. Even when there is content, inclusion of an image helps pass the message in a much better way. Other multimedia additions can be included, but the constant thing has to be the content. Including a picture without having a few lines of sentence to back it up does not achieve much. A balance has to be created between the use of multimedia, and the use of content. There should not be increased use of one, at the apparent expense of the other. If the possibility of including large images does not exist, then a zooming tool can be included for the sake of the readers that want a bigger image when only a thumbnail is presented.

    Repeated tests have to be carried out to ensure that any additions included in the site will not affect its performance. The website should remain visible on different browsers, each of them loading the additions included, and retaining an optimum loading time, ensuring that there are no sections of the website that take too long to load. For any website to retain success it needs to have the multimedia. The exception is with academic sites which have a primary focus of providing information.

    Thanks again

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    The addition of multimedia files such as videos, images and flash will help you to improve the visual aspect of your site but it will also give your users more benefit from your pages and give them a more pleasant experience thus keeping them on the site for a longer period. The more time that a user spends on your site then the greater chance you have of them remembering your site and visiting you again or even placing an order with you.

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    Well many of the visitors online mostly prefer a multimedia to content.People will stay more longer in a website with videos and picture rather than a website having only content.I would prefer websites having a combination of both multimedia and content .

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    Video in websites IS NOT IMPORTANT.

    Anyone telling you that it is doesn't know what they are talking about.

    Sure carry media, nothing wrong with it, however thinking that it is a magic bullet to get your site ranking higher (and other myths), you're barking up the wrong lamp post.

    I even had someone claim that if I bought web hosting from a web host specifically catering for porn sites, I would see a huge increase in traffic to my site... I added that it would then cause my site to disappear from google searches in many countries that actively block hosts IP address blocks...

    People have strange ideas on what makes sites rankings go up, "no tricks" involved, it takes as pointed out many times by others, that your content needs to be unique, your site is written for the viewer and not the search engines... Sit back and wait. Submitting your site to companies that claim to increase traffic to your site, sure they can, they just send all their existing clients to your site... My Ex fell for that one, she wasted 80 before she came to realise that it wasn't making one bean of difference.
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    The thing about multimedia on websites is how you use it... and the BIGGEST and BEST advice for using it is to leave the choice in the user's hands!

    Auto-playing media, particularly if it is not the content of the page, is one of the most annoying things on the web. Just as auto-playing music on websites has been a no-no pretty much since the day it was introduced, auto-playing video is equally annoying (particularly if you know how to use tabs PROPERLY like say, via middle-click -- great, which tabs are making the noise?!?). I don't want to be sitting here rocking out to The Cult or Greyboy Allstars to have your crap suddenly start playing alongside it!

    IF the audio or video you are adding to the site is your content, that's all well and good go ahead and add it. If it's presentational nonsense that does nothing but waste bandwidth and make the site less useful to visitors, LEAVE IT OUT. WAY too many people making websites these days add goofy animated crap, sounds, scripting for nothing, pissing all over accessibility then serving it on a plate to call it pancakes and syrup.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON A WEBSITE IS YOUR CONTENT, followed closely by WHY do you have a website in the first place (usually either to deliver content or convince people to buy something). That should be your focus front and center, and as much as the pixel-pushers dicking around in Photoshop and even dumber jerkwads throwing JavaScript at websites for no good reason might want it to be otherwise, loading up on "Gee ain't it neat" images and scripttardery that have NOTHING to do with delivering that content is NOT good web design.

    Slideshow banners, perfect width designs, massive background images, convoluted navigation, AJAX-tardery for nothing, goofy javascript trickery, sleazy shortcuts like jQuery, Foundation or Bootcrap -- NONE of it helps do what's actually important; delivering your CONTENT to the user! More often than not all it does is get in the damned way and ALIENATE your visitors!

    You can also learn a LOT by paying attention to the big success stories of the Internet; All that design and media crap is rarely present; Take a good hard look at sites like Google, Facebook, Amazon, E-Bay -- even YouTube -- They generally are very light on the design elements, and instead focus on what you went to the site for in the first blasted place; THE CONTENT! None of them could be called a "visual tour-de-force", and even when they have some of the things I mentioned as "bad" they do so with an eye-dropper and keep it on the page that usually you aren't paying any attention to anyways.

    E-Bay for example -- who actually even looks at the crap on their landing page? I dunno about you guys, but I either go straight to the search or open up the categories page (since most of the time the categories I'm interested in aren't in the drop-down).

    Or Facebook -- their layout and design is piss simple; sure, they have videos in the posts and image sidebars but that's CONTENT (even when it's adverts, that's content too).

    Do any of these sites look like they had an artist sitting there pushing pixels around in Photoshop? THAT'S why this form over function artsy fartys "media" bull and the associated scripttardery is a bunch of 100% grade A farm fresh rose fertilizer. MOST "designers" promoting things like "multimedia" on websites being so full of manure they could fill Biff Tannen's car.

    Of course, you want to see how content of value and moronically simple design, ridiculously poorly coded can outperform the best designed sites on the Internet, I have one word for you:


    Learn from the real success stories, not the scam artists and ignorant fools more impressed by "ooh shiny" than they are substance.

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