Hey guys,

I want to make a website to help my classmates and myself study for Latin. What I envision for now is a single-page site with a quiz component that would be written in javascript. And if you guys could provide me with some direction to go about starting this project, I would be very appreciative =D

For now, I want to start with a quiz that asks for the English translation of random Latin words. All I would need is a text box where the user would type in the answer, a button to click, and all the machinery behind the scenes that would decides if the user has entered the correct answer, and then finally directing them to the next random question.

I would need to construct a vast list of Latin words and their (often many) correct English definitions.

And so if you guys could help get me started with that, I would <3 you all long time. Once I get the hang of everything, I should be well off by myself. I'm excited to get this **** started.

Also, my experience with javascript is zero, and perhaps it isn't even the best language to build my idea. If there is a language that better suits this project, please let me know.