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Thread: What technology for what puprose & Famous examples

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    Question What technology for what puprose & Famous examples


    I was looking for a good overview of what web technology is good for what purpose and famous example. I want to learn a new technology but I am not sure about which one. I looked into Ruby on Rails as a friend of mine told me it was great and a lot of fun. I already know PHP/mysql and .NET/Sharepoint.

    Does anybody know a good overview?

    I'd also be interested in what technologies the "big ones" use and why. Like Facebook (PHP I believe), Twitter (Ruby on Rails) and so on.

    Looking forward to your feedback & opinions.


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    pick up XML and XSLT if you haven't already. That's a big one, its also very handy and easy to learn.

    Apple uses XML for iTunes (so I've head) to store song info.

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