First off, I am to java and new to the forum.

But I am trying to write a radio button form that has dynamic output.

If radio 1 selected then the text would say "one", if radio 2 text = "two", etc

for example :

How many chickens do you own?
Radio 1
Radio 2
*Radio 3
Radio 4

I own three chickens.

I have the following and am stuck, can I stack getElementsbyid...?

<script type="text/javascript">
function check() {

<input type="radio" value="0" id="r1" name="r1" onclick="check()" />
<input type="radio" ???? />
<input type="radio" ???? />
<input type="radio" ???? />

I own <label for="r1" id="Radio1">blank</label> chickens.

any help would be greatly appreciated