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    Radio Button Forms

    Wolfshade helped me earlier but I did not explain everything correctly (my fault...)

    The following code will output numerical values only for the <label>. I need it to display text with multiple characters. For example:

    I own two exceptional chickens...I own four or more chickens...etc

    Again the code works perfectly but only for numbers.

    <script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
     function check(x) { document.getElementById('Radio1').innerHTML = x; }
    // ]]></script>
    <form> <input id="r1" onclick="check(one big);" name="r1" type="radio" value="one" /> One
    <input id="r1" onclick="check(two exceptional);" name="r1" type="radio" value="two" /> Two
    <input id="r1" onclick="check(three terrific);" name="r1" type="radio" value="three" /> Three
    <input id="r1" onclick="check(four or more);" name="r1" type="radio" value="four" /> Four
    I own <label id="Radio1" for="r1">blank</label> chickens.
    Any ideas?

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    I guess you want to pass strings as arguments, not objects, nor integers. Strings are always set/defined within quotes:
    onclick="check('one big')
    and so an
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    Thank you for explaining that...Im new to Java (&php)

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