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    Question Ads And Javascript Help

    Don't know much about Javascript. this is what I want to do but don't know the code for it, I've seen one or two other sites do this.

    I have some ads

    When the user clicks onto the link I provide to watch a video clip I want a box to come up onto the same window that makes the user have to click a ad link before they can watch the video clip.

    *User clicks link

    *Message appears telling user to click one of the links in the box

    *If user clicks ad link
    -box closes.
    -ad opens a new separate window.
    -video begins to play when user clicks play.

    Thanks if you can help

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    what you are asking is doable, but i have been coding JS for 5 years now and to implement that properly is a few days work.

    for someone just starting JS that may be a little overwhelming.

    from the sounds of it, you want an overlay to come up when the user clicks on the video link, in that overlay will be a few links to ads, if one of those is clicked you want the ad to open in a new window and you overlay to load the video awaiting for the user to click play

    again this may be a little much depending on your skill:
    1. jQuery overlay plugin = http://flowplayer.org/tools/scrollable/index.html
    2. read up on popup windows (most browsers have popup blockers, so you have to open new windows in a certain way)
    3. depending on your ad source you could have problems loading in an overlay, usually ad code is HORRIFIC! so its best to toss it into an iframe, but if you have expendables that causes problems.
    4. good luck!


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