First, I don't know javascript that well. I'm a designer, and html programmer, with little knowledge of programming languages (so please use layman's terms and keep your answers simple if you can).

I have a webpage that uses a CMS (doesn't matter which). I want to translate a form from english to german easily. The original developers said that I can use some javascript code to change the form - the code will replaces text strings on the page (I cant just duplicate the form, and rewrite it in german). So, if a field says ADDRESS, I want it to say the german equivalent.

So, I am looking for a piece of javascript that will search my webpage for specific strings .... and replace those strings with another string. I need to do this multiple times (I need to replace "Address", I also need to replace "How did you hear from us", etc).

Two items to note:
1.) I can't replace strings of a specific ID or CLASS. The CMS constantly changes the IDs and Classes ... so searching the page for an ID wont work.
2.) Also, I can't use the onload() function, because I dont have access to the body tag.
3.) I have to replace SEVERAL strings, not just a single string.

Can someone point me to a good example of some code that does this? Below is the code that I was using, but because the IDs keep changing (and this code searches for specific IDs), I can't use it...

<script type="text/javascript">
function WriteContentIntoID(id,content) {
if(document.getElementById) {
var idvar = document.getElementById(id);
idvar.innerHTML = '';
idvar.innerHTML = content;
else if(document.all) {
var idvar = document.all[id];
idvar.innerHTML = content;
else if(document.layers) {
var idvar = document.layers[id];;
} // end of WriteContentIntoID()
function ChangeIt() {
var newcontent = 'Vorname:';
var newcontent2 = 'Nachname:';
var newcontent3 = 'E-Mail-Adresse:';
var newcontent4 = 'Telefonnummer:';
var newcontent5 = 'Mein Interesse an Parkinson besteht aus folgenden Gründen:';
var newcontent6 = 'FoxFlash – Ich möchte die neuesten Meldungen per Email erhalten:';