I have an online "language test" containing 50 questions. Each question has its own maxmimum duration, expressed in seconds. The number of seconds for each question is a variable in the dbase. Let's say the variable "seconds" is 60 seconds. This means that the user has 60 seconds to answer the question.
IF the user answers within 60 seconds, he clicks on Submit to send his answer(s) to the server.
IF the user does NOT answer within 60 seconds, the page is automatically Submitted.
In the top right corner of the test window, the candidate can see the horizontal timebar moving. The number of seconds isn't shown, but the candidate can clearly see when his time is about to expire, because the horizontal time bar slowly dissappears...

This procedure has been working for 4 years without any problems, using javascript (see below). HOWEVER: it doesn't work in all browsers, e.g. Firefox doesn't recognize it, and the result is that Firefox users have all the time in the world to complete or research their answers :-)

So that's why I am currently looking for a way to use JQUERY. I've discovered JQUERY only a couple of weeks ago (I'm not a programmer). I've used JQUERY for a number of things, and it works like a charm. And, moreover, and more importantly, JQUERY really does seem to work in ALL browsers!

However, I don't seem to find the right JQUERY code that could do the trick. I wouldn"'t know how to look for it, is it a simple command or should I use a plugin?

Any ideas? If needed, I can copypaste the existing javascript. It works in IE, but I would like to get rid of it all together...

Thanks in advance,

Thomas (Belgium)