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Thread: [HELP] Dont know how to do this...

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    [HELP] Dont know how to do this...

    Hi again, so i have an issue with my javascript, tile based web game. Actually a two issues, becouse of my lack of skills. So i want to ask few questions:

    1) I added a function which creates a block, like a map editor. But, i have a generated map already, so i am able to build blocks on the generated map too. And the thing is that the z-index'es are messed up. So when i build the block behind, it looks like its above... So how to calculate or how-to make it work in proper way?


    2) How to make a colission detection between the player (div) and the tiles (divs) ? I got arrays with the X,Y pos of the tiles and arrays with the players X,Y pos. Can you put me on the right path?

    Thanks for help again, looking forward.

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    Do you want someone to write this code for you based on your photo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yamaharuss View Post
    Do you want someone to write this code for you based on your photo?
    Not really, all i want is just that you could put me on the right path of fixing this... Because, i dont really know how to. Anyways, would be great ofcourse, if someone could give me an example code which i could examine and try to use in my situation...

    Regards, looking forward.


    i just realised, that i could check the Y position of the block and if that block Y > than the other blocks Y, i will make the z-index lower, so it would be behind. You think that would work ?
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