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Thread: Reading the local Directory/files

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    Question Reading the local Directory/files

    Can anyone suggest a script to read the current roots directory or filenames-list into a Javascript array?
    Some say it is only possible by calling a JAVA applet method and returning the array as a public variable for Javascript to use...if so, has anyone done it and can provide a sample?
    I am only trying to read directories & image files offline, on the current root level or perhaps up a folder, so I hope there are no security access issues to deal with.... Can anyone please help!

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    I am currently trying to perform a similar task as well. What I have are html pages that currently read XML pages that are local to a client. These html pages are not intended to be uploaded to any server nor used online, they are local application-type pages only. The reason I would like to stick with javascript and html is that everyone has a browser already loaded and I would like to have my database read by a browser rather than program a whole application for this.

    All I really want to do is just read a directory and see what other directories and files are in this directory and even go into another directory and do the same. I would also like to be able to load a file from javascript and read the contents of this file.

    Is this at all possible on Javascript? I'm looking online and all I can find right now are ActiveX routines. Given I want this to work on most browsers I would rather like to use a non-Active X or less-proprietary method than ActiveX.


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