Here is what I'm dealing with. I require a way to dynamically pass a variable or value (sale amount and order id) to a 3rd party tracking pixel for my cost per sale campaign as I am using affiliate marketing. I cannot get help from Intuit who I used to design and host my site. My affiliate marketing support sent this... Just tell them you need to “dynamically pass sale amount and order ID through a 3rd party tracking pixel.” They should come back with a syntax for you to add to the code. It might be something like <order.number> or “<orderamount>” . . . . So basically, I have the code on the confirmation page, but don't know how to dynamically pass the amount and order id so that the proper commission can be paid. Please help. Thanks.

Here is the code:

<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script><noscript><img border="0" src=""></noscript>

As you can see, the amt and oid in the first and second line require a dynamic passing of the variable to be filled in every order. I'm not sure what syntax to use as I am relatively new to HTML.

Oh, and if you could please email me a response if possible at it would be extremely helpful because I am posting to as many places as I can and may not be able to check all of the sites that I am asking for help. Thank you.