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Thread: Photo editing - hi to low res in editing conversion

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    Exclamation Photo editing - hi to low res in editing conversion

    I need to know level of difficulty/hours needed to do this:

    A user uploads a photo into an editing tool. It takes a couple of seconds to upload the full res version. Then, when the photos are being edited in the tool (cropping, color, etc.) it converts to low res for faster editing, so the high res image doesn't have to load every time there's a change. Once the user is done, and/or adds their final product, the manipulated image is saved to hi res again, for print.

    What is the time estimate/level of complexity if this? The code is there for the tool (some advanced JavaScript), just need to change the speed of editing. Server disk write speed is plenty fast. Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Not sure if I understand precisely what it is you are attempting to create, but look into the PHP GD Library and tools. This is the key to much image converting, rendering and more...

    Good luck.

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    further explanation

    Say it's for an online card site. The user chooses their card design, then uploads a photo to go in it. They can edit their photo, and then save it to their card, and then add to cart. This process is unusually slow right now. I want people to add their photo, and then while they are editing it and saving it over and over again, it doesn't reload the hi res file over and over again, thus taking forever. They need to be able to work on the low res file while editing, and then convert to the hi res when added to cart. This seems simple enough, but the quotes/vibe we're getting from developers is that it's not. Just getting a feel for it from people out there so we don't go into this change blindly.

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