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Thread: How do your clients submit content?

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    How do your clients submit content?

    I have a client for whom I manage a website. Periodically he sends me changes to pages on the site, and the changes usually consist of a Microsoft Word document laid out the way he wants the page to look. I typically have to create the page from scratch since Word doesn't translate to HTML well. I'm interested in what others do in this situation. Do you recommend a WYSIWYG editor to your client? Or do you just bite the bullet and manually create HTML pages from Word documents?

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    I wouldnt touch a wysiwyg editor to save my life! For my clients that send me updates its pretty easy for me to change things. Using an external stylesheet i can change the whole layout to whatever my clients want without having to recreate and html page. When i make website i make and save blank templates of the sites to use as skeletons in the future with new clients or for creating new pages that may get added on. Honestly though i only have text in my html now and soley use css for layouts and design. Its much easier to just update a css file rather than go back in the html document and change injected css snippets and divs etc. As for what my clients send me its normally a .doc file and i just look at it and get to work. Most of the time they are just updating some text or maybe a color here and there or adding a page which with blacnk layouts at hand are easy to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

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