Hi, my company is trying to find a company to implement CMS and shopping cart on our website.
We have a few offers and I have tried to research as much information as possible about the systems that the two companies are offering, but still not sure with which we should go. Some advice would be greatly appreciated.
Here is a sum-up of the features we are looking for:
1) New look of the website - templates are usually available in all CMS products out there
2) Shopping cart
3) Ability to easily add content pages (not by a web developer, just an admin)
4) Product catalogue - adding new product/modifying prices/features etc.

There are a few more detailed features.
- Setting up the product attribute system so that it can manage all the product permutations
- "Postal code matching system" that will match the shipping address of the customer with the closest branch, and then email the purchase order to that Branch's administrator.
- Setting up tax calculation system.
- "Shipping Fee Update Feature" for Branch Admins - ability to add shipping fee to "cart" so that the customer can pay it along with the product price and taxes.
- Ability to mark an order as "paid" when no credit card transaction has occurred
-Making it so that on orders approved of by the Branch Administrators can be paid for.
- Payment process integration - The site will accept credit cards using the Moneris payment processor.

At the moment we were approached by a company who uses Kentico and one that uses Magento. We want something that meets our needs right now and has some room for improvement once we decide to develop. We are not necessarily looking for a ALL-in-ONE solution with a large investment.

Can someone recommend which of the systems is better in terms of yearly cost/feature availability/tech support.

Thanks in advance.