I have a JS & DTHML project. Lots of JS code written and tested, but for personal reasons am now unable to continue its development.
It is called 'praxis' and its aim is: "To provide to the HTML level coder Dynamic Animation and Webpage Management of HTML/CSS elements through JS but without JS programming knowledge."
This Works with HTML and CSS coding through standard DHTML and AJAX usage. 'praxis' is Standards and Cross-Browser compliant.
Flash-like animations may be performed from simple HTML coding, amongst other facilities.
The overall JS code provides event and time driven actions to enable HTML page building, CSS changes with 'plugin' capabilities to enable wider functionality for local and global scope. Simple eg: at the HTML level make two words appear from left and right, crash in the middle of page and bounce
together a few times before stopping on the page.
I am looking for a couple of people to take the project on.
Please contact me for further info.