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Thread: stopping a function

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    stopping a function

    Hi, I've got this hybrid js + jQuery script that actually works: it uses a series of setTimeouts to call a sequence of jQuery color-changes; and then loops them. Callbacks got too complicated for me.

    Can't figure how to stop it: I've looked at clearInterval(), and at jQuery's stop(), but haven't gotten either to work yet. Would appreciate suggestions.

    The stop needs to be a separate function, not integrated into the function itself.
    .myclass {color:#000;}

    function slowPulse() {
    {$(".myclass").animate( {color:"#363300"}, 2000) };
    setTimeout( '{$(".myclass").animate( {color:"#003336"}, 4000) }', 2001);
    setTimeout( '{$(".myclass").animate( {color:"#000"}, 2000) }', 6003);

    setTimeout( function() { setTimeout('slowPulse()', 1000) }, 8004);


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    The setTimeout function returns a timeout Id. Save this Id in a variable and when you want to stop the effects, call clearTimeout(), passing it the saved timeout Id:
    function callback() {
        alert("I should never get called");
    var timerId = setTimeout(callback, 1000);
    // stop the timer

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