I usually program in ActionScript and haven't worked with any JavaScript for a really long time. So I have pasted a few chunks of code together and would like to get a bit of help if it is all right. I'm making a very simple quiz and need a bit of help with a few things.

The first thing is making sure when the code is randomized that just the first result doesn't get repeated twice.

The second thing is when I push the enter button the quiz says correct when an answer is correct but I want it to ask another question instead.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

function doSet(){  // this prepares the question
	 var score, prompting, answer, txt;
   offset = Math.floor(Math.random()*(question.length + 1));  //get the random number

   if(offset >= question.length){  // make sure its not out of range
   score = document.getElementById('score');  //here we kill off the old text and enter in the new for the question
   txt = document.createTextNode('A4JP.com: What is the answer for:');
   prompting = document.getElementById('prompting'); //put the word to be translated into the 'prompting' div
   txt = document.createTextNode(english[offset]);
   answer = document.getElementById('answer'); // empty out the text field  to make it blank
   answer.value = '';

function doCheck(){  // this checks the answer
   var x, y, score, txt;
   score = document.getElementById('score');
   score.removeChild(score.firstChild); // empty the 'score' div
   x= document.getElementById('answer');//read the value in the text input box
   if(x.value == question[offset]){  //react to the user input
		 txt = "Correct!";
     txt = question[offset];
   txt = document.createTextNode(txt);
   score.appendChild(txt);  // display the output

function doClick(e){
            var key;

                     key = window.event.keyCode;      //IE
                     key = e.which;      //firefox
            if (key == 13)
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