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Thread: Shopping Carts, I keep getting asked to build a site...

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    Shopping Carts, I keep getting asked to build a site...

    I am a fairly competent XHTML/CSS programmer and I can also do a fair amount javascript and jQuery. But recently I've been asked, more than once if I can create sites with shopping carts.

    I'd like to make a survey of the group here and ask what's a good solution for doing this? or What are the best 3rd party solutions, or Where's a good place to start?

    would like to hear about your experience with this topic,

    thanks for any help or advice with this,


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    You know the front end, but a shopping cart requires back end code. You will need to learn a server side scripting language (such as PHP, .NET, Ruby, J2EE, etc.) and SQL for database communication. You will need to keep track of the session.

    If you choose to use PHP/MySQL, this is a good tutorial:

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