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Thread: Client to server file upload

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    Client to server file upload

    I have a web site that is for a small business and has been mainly used to inform customers of about the business' mission. We are looking to give our clients the option to upload files to our server that are to large to e-mail. I wanted to do this using using a web based ftp client, or something similar. I had originally thought about having just us an open source FTP client and then upload it to our server but we ran into a security issue. The problem is that we do not want one client to be able to see everything on our server because it may contain information about another client. Of course I did a Google search, but everything I saw bragged that it was a powerful tool that would give the user access to all folders on the server. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Not sure how many clients you have but what about setting up a separate folder for each client and a separate ftp account set up for each folder (username and password protection)? That way they only see their folder, not others.
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