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Thread: Trouble with slidedown content.... HELP please.

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    Trouble with slidedown content.... HELP please.

    I worked on my photography website, and found a code at htmlgoodies for a slidedown content menu.

    Everything looks GREAT in firefox, but in the "Seniors" and "Weddings" pages, I have a menu that drops down with 'information, 'pricing', and a gallery. The gallery tab slides down on top of the rotating banner like it's supposed too, but the two others slide behind the rotating banner.

    The website is www.shannonfrydesigns.com

    If anyone has any idea why this is, or how I can fix it I would be so appreciative. I can copy any codes here that I have used.

    It just has me puzzled!!!

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    I think I solved it... the flash content needed a <param name="wmode" value="transparent">

    now if I can just get the stupid banner on the home page centered, I think I'll be good!

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