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Thread: problem with run javascript in ajax page

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    Question problem with run javascript in ajax page

    hi all
    my problem is this :
    i have a button in my project that the users can click on it and edit thair post and i make it with ajax and i have div in my project look like this :
    <div id="ajax"> </div>
    when user click edit button with ajax i put the my element and my data in this div such as some text filed and one textarea that the user post details (such as title question the question and etc ...) fill this filed and i use editor (that write and made by js) for my textarea but when ajax div appeare in my page the editor doesnt load and not appear why ???
    i think that we cant use javascript in ajax page ? yes? if it's true what should i do?

    more information :
    in page 1 i have this div :
    <div id="ajax"> </div>
    when user click edit bottun wih ajax i get data from DB and put them in ajax page that include some html tag look like textarea and i put the text in textarea and i put editor for this textarea that is in ajax page but it doesnt appear when ajax div appear !!!!!!

    sorry if i cant write well.

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    no body cant help me ?? plz

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    If you are using a WYSIWYG text editor on your textarea like fckeditor or others, then the field is most like being created dynamically so technically, it does not exist in the DOM. You will need to check the manual for your editor or search it specifically for adding dynamic content to it.

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